Legal Disclamer

By ordering I acknowledge that the product(s) which I am about to request is for my personal use only and that I waive all rights for claims which may arise due to adverse or contraindicated reactions from the product(s). I am aware that any or all of the product(s) may or may not be undergoing clinical trial which I agree to participate in by completing the order. I further confirm that I am of legal age and that the product(s) does not require any special/specific permit, license, authorization, direction etc. from any and all authorities, professional(s) nor government agency in the destination country of the addressee which I am able to request the medicines dispatched to. I understand and accept that the consignor acts only on my instructions in accordance with the transaction and that only I am fully responsible for compliance with import regulations. I confirm that neither the consignor nor any partner(s), associate(s), subordinate(s) etc. of the consignor can or will be held responsible for any and all liabilities, claims, proceedings, compliances, declarations etc. in connection with the transaction that I am about to commence in.


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